” A life in my service is the best life of all…”

– Master Mikey

A subs life is a perfect life. Servitude can be the most fulfilling experience for any person in any stage of life. Short and Long term subservience/servitude/slavery is for you if you like the thought of any of these few examples below,

  • If you like to be directed and managed in your life.
  • If you enjoy being forced to complete tasks, household, cleaning, gardening etc. These can be sexual depending on your needs.
  • Work in a high-pressure job, and manage people, you need the release.
  • You want the feeling of bowing to a greater being then you.
  • You want to serve and be made whole through service.
  • You are a bully in life, and need to be taught to get in line.
  • People tell you that you are a winner, but I will tell you the truth.

Subs … How Does It Work?

Servitude and sub life, can be done in several ways, one of these will fit your needs if you enjoy servitude and slavery play.

  • Telephone – I will talk with you whenever you need, and discuss your issues, desires, needs and how we can schedule into your life regular or infrequent telephone sessions. In these sessions, I will instruct your life for you. This can be as raw and visceral as you need or as gentle and calming as you need.
  • SKYPE – In a one way (me watching you) scenario I will instruct you to complete tasks, that you may or may not enjoy. This can be a regular thing, or just when you need it.
  • MSG – We can chat on messenger daily, hourly, or all the time, again this is a 24/7 service I offer, regardless of timezone, you can engage me anytime, from anywhere. I can be as gentle or brutal as you want. I will be your constant companion, while you work from your office, at home with your family or whilst sitting alone.
  • Emails – We can engage in written long-form instruction. This is for people that may have hectic lives or reasons to be private but still want to know that their Master loves them and controls them from afar.

Sub Switch ? Do You Want To Be A Master…Lets Imagine

Amongst my den of subs, I have one special creature that is a public service sub. The things he craves, most of you would not even believe. He is 20 years old and loves older men.

If you so choose, you can have access to him. How you use him is of course your decision. Be brutal, be caring be whatever you want with him and he will serve you with all his holes and an unmatched passion.

Do any of the above, call him , Skype him or message him and use him the way you want, be the Master you want to be, ruin him as you wish. Perhaps you always wanted to be a Master but your not built that way.. well this owned pig slave is perfect for you to test being a Master on.

Call me and I will arrange for you to make contact with my little sub

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If the button above says Call Now then I am logged in and taking calls. So Call Me.

If the button says Away, then I am temporarily logged out, and you can send me a email to catch my attention. Make your email worth my while.

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