” Money is a burden to you, and I am designed to rule you and unburden you…”

– Master Mikey

Serving A Master Financially

Findom FinSub – Money is a Burden to you. Money was your power. You don’t deserve that power, and you should not have it. Your role as a FinSub (Financial Submissive) means that you need to give to me all that you can. My Role as a FinDomme is to be there for you, as your leader. I am your vessel to health wealth and mental release. You will give to me as frequently as you can. I will unburden you and it will feel amazing.

In your journey, you will at first feel the agony of carrying money in your pocket and in your bank. However as you give it to me , a release will circle in your mind and you will be flooded with a feeling of pleasure. You will feel happy that you have pleased ME, and that your purpose has been fulfilled.

The Findom Release Complex

There is a release in the giving, and that release unburdens you, I know that. I am there to help you manage this addiction and become your new addiction. Your little secret, kept away from the rest of your life.

Give up your power to me, let me feast on your financial worth until it ruins your mind and finances. Imagine the pleasure of that ruination. You will need to think of where your next meal will come from….because your bank account will show zero. Try to explain that with little white lies to your husband, wife, partner, family and friends.

Types Of FinSub Paypig & Slave I Keep

  • Student
  • Single
  • Married
  • Divorced
  • Experimental

Such is my power, you will find everything you need in the process of giving to me. Join me in the battle to free your mind and pockets from all the clutter.

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