Findom Wheel Games

Findom wheel games are exciting for all kinds of people and especially people that love being of service to a greater being. As a Master I use wheel games to allow all my subs, fags , cashpigs , and cucks to spin for their lives. They enjoy spinning the wheel as much as I enjoy watching them suffer the consequences of the wheels results.

Findom wheel games examples

The below is a great example of a simple cheap wheel game. All the results are low value, to help you fags and subs get used to the process of paying what you owe. Click the below SPIN button and see what the wheel decides for you.

Tribute what you owe

Click the link below and tribute what you owe me. Do not delay, do not think about it, just do it. Its well deserved by me, and definitely owed by you. For the first time in your life stand by your morals and be a good fag.

Once you have made your tribute, bookmark this page and make sure you come back to spin that wheel. The wheel spins and spins until it determines your destiny and then you get to pay what the wheel requests. Your already a feeble worthless creature, so make sure you do one thing right in your life and complete the task of paying the sum owed.

Findom wheel games are there to control and begin your control journey. I control you in silence from a distance..and the wheel subjugates your mind.

If you want to spin a stricter findom wheel game, click here