Doctor Knows Best

” An apple a day won’t keep me away…”

– Master Mikey

When Nature Calls

Doctor knows best when you need to be seen and managed. Doctor always knows what you need. I use speech therapy, mind control and hypnotism to understand and then create practical solutions to solve your problems. Sometimes the best thing you can do is talk to someone, and that someone is me. I want you to come into my Room of Rest and talk freely about the issues that you have.

Daily Routine Procedures

Each of my patients has different needs, some more fetish based and some less. I take the time to understand each patient as an individual. I want you to have the best outcome possible from your time with me. I handle the following on a daily basis in my surgery,

  • Prostate Exams , Prostate Massage and Prostate Milking
  • Sexual Weakness and general beta behaviour issues
  • Anal Examination
  • Scrotum bag examination
  • Penis stretching
  • Doctors rubber glove hand relief
  • Hypnotism talk therapy
  • Discussion about fetish
  • Discussion about deviance’s

No matter what your needs, with my use of mind control, hypnosis and psycho-spiritual practises, I will find solutions to your issues. I am the one and only answer to all your life’s woes. Come and book an emergency appointment with me. If I cannot solve you, nobody can.

Doctor Knows Best Your Needs

Through regular honest and open discussion we can do the following with you,

  • Control your dirty little destructive habits
  • Manage your cum release needs in a proper way
  • Manage the health of your most critical sexual desires and deviance’s

Come into my safe space and be yourself. Softly furnished therapy rooms, or white clinical settings, all available to help you get answers. Click this button below and JOIN me on a LIVE CALL 24/7

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I specialise in many fetish areas, for more details check the homepage.