” You are the sum of what you allow to happen to you…”

– Master Mikey

Cucks cucks cucks, silly little cucks. You are a weak cuckold bitch. You might be over 6 feet tall, but inside you is a little boy screaming to hide under the desk. Your wife has always known how weak you are and that is why she loves to deceive you and enjoy the company of other men.

Lets be honest…

Your wife partner craves a real man’s cock and the comfort that it can provide her. She needs a real MAN in her life….ME.

As a cuckold, your options are simple,

  • Stand behind a curtain and hear me pound your wife into a sticky mess, as she screams with delight. Stand silently, nervous, ashamed and rock hard.
  • I tie you to a chair in the room, and you watch intently as I pound your wife’s flesh, and she looks into your eyes as I enter her again and again.
  • I force you to sit down and not move.. You sit still under the threat of a beating, and you are made to watch as I use your wife as a pussy rag.
  • I make love to your wife open air in the yard of your house. All your neighbours can hear you being humiliated, then I walk right through your house.. Eat the food from your fridge, drink your beer, kiss your wife and wave goodbye to your kids as I drive away in your car.

My role in this sordid affair

Your humiliation is my obligation. I will take my needs out on your wife. She will love it every time. All the time, anytime I want.

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