Sissy Boys

” I train you to be my little sissy boy, because you love it, and its what you are…”

– Master Mikey

Sissy boys are beautiful creatures..driven by an urge… a deep down need to dress like a girl lady women. I am a Master that specialises in sissy boy training, feminization and lifestyle tutoring. I love your desire to dress pretty whether it takes a sexual or non-sexual form.

Sissy Boys Training

Sissy training is a slow but critical process. You cannot just wake up one morning and be a Sissy. It takes time to adjust your entire life, and I am the Master to make those corrections and adjustments. I take time to set your tasks and schedules for each week ahead. Every task is a beta task and designed to set you back into a female state.. slowly stripping away all male characteristics. As a confessed sissy, you have put the task in my hand as your Master to train you and deliver you into a complete sissy state.

Sissification & Feminization

You desire to be a Sissy, and you might even have convinced yourself that you are.. but to be a true Sissy, more work is required. As a Master it is my role to understand your life and the route it has taken thus far…. so I can understand what needs stripping out and rebuilding for your new life. With some of my Sissy betas, I have to undo 65 years of living as a male in society. However, as a trained psychologist and physician, no task is too difficult for this Master. Week by week we will explore clothing, gestures, and ways of living. We will empty your wardrobe and you will buy a new set of clothes for your new life ahead.

Sexual Sissy Life

For many Sissy boy betas, exploring the new sexual horizons of their “new” body are critically important…to be vulgar for a moment, they now want to have their tight new pussies fucked and their beautiful full new boobs sucked. I will help you to explore your new pussy and understand its power beyond just wearing women’s clothes.

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