Fags Locker Room Ass Treat

The below is a transcript of a live audio session where I use my fags locker room fetish to manipulate and manage him. You can buy the clip from NiteFlirt and enjoy it as much as I did making it.

Did you enjoy watching me on the field today….my day out of the office.. shorts on… track shoes… no tie today eh faggot....what did you think?

I can imagine you sitting there in the stands straining…. Your cock was twitching away wasn't it.. say it was....go on don't lie to me…. I told you to come here and watch....so you could enjoy yourself watching me run up and down this field doing track events… It would be the highlight of your week… did you enjoy it faggot.. tell me more.. tell me how much it made you go wild.. tell me bitch!

Up and down the field

You loved watching me shoot up and down this field… skid about… jump.. watching my calf muscles stretch and pump up.. my thick muscular thighs.. you dirty fucker… well I have another treat in store for you in the fags locker room … today you get to eat something very tasty.. a little cherry pie you could only dream about… its my asshole… hahaha.. might even put some cream on it for you.. You get over there and head into the changing rooms… my private room is to the right of the main changing rooms.. so I want you to wait in there.. and I will see you in just a moment.

Anticipation is killing your softly

Oooo look at you.. sitting there anticipating my arrival.. bolt hard.. you are so fucking horny for me.. can you smell that jock sweat in the air.. the smell of heat and sweaty male bodies.. lotions…. oils and soapy water.. mmmm I'm so fresh off the field that my sweat is still dripping.. so lets begin with you eating me out right here…

I'm going to close the door…perfect.. now you stay seated and I am going to bend right over this table… pull my shorts over my muscular thighs and butt..and slowly slide the shorts down.. so as I slide you can see my asscrack appearing....slowly more....as I reveal I'm spreading my ass… and opening… lick your lips.. go on lick your lips hungry bitch… now watch as I let my shorts drop.. and you can peek down and look at my balls hanging there . big juicy… purple and full of cum… so much testosterone running through my body… sizzling heat of my ass and asshole just beaming out at you…. looks delicious right… mmmm

Ready to dive in my ass

Watch as sweat beads slip down my back.. into my asscrack and down to my balls and off the tip of my shaft… delicious isn't it.. perfect for a faggot like you to worship. OK lets begin.. I want you to slowly breathe in my body heat as you come closer and closer to my asscrack.. and as you approach I want you to poke your tongue out..ready to insert as deep as you can into my shithole……

Good little faggot bitch… good boy… go on start inserting your dirty tongue into my dirt hole… mmm aaaahh you fucking faggot bitch.. don't stop.. just keep fucking my hole with your tongue.. deeper and deeper… scoop with that tongue.. use that tongue like a dirty shovel to pull my insides out… ahhhh ohh I love how you use your dirty faggot tongue…ahhh you are an obedient little bitch aren't you.. haha I love that you follow what I say.. good boy..

Dig in deeper bitch

Ok good now I'm going to turn over… and lie back onto this table… and hold my legs in the air....and I want you to reach in....hold my cock and balls with one hand and then lick underneath with your lips and tongue.. like a hungry doggy…oooo fags locker room games are so hot...mmm ahhhh go on do it more you dirty little fucker… eat from my ass .. get all your nourishment from my asscrack and asshole.. now reach over and hand me that bottle of whipped cream… mmm lets see how you like asspie… sssshhhhh mmm look at that asshole all covered in whipped cream…

Looks delicious doesn't it… that tight sexy asshole… covered in milky white cream… all over it and oozing in… go on don't hold back faggot dog.. get in there and scoop it all up… eat your dessert little faggot.. eat it up nice and clean… use your lips to move the whipped cream around from one cheek to another.. and feel my rim as you slide your lips over it… ahhhh your going to make me cum if you carry on cheek surfing me the way your doing.

Time to use your hands

Good doggy.. good little doggy… keep licking and sucking and enjoying everything my tight ass has to offer you… good boy….. OK now you need to stroke me to a finish.. and I want a blow job to finish, so start stroking me fag....good fag… and as you stroke I want you to flick my ass hole with your tongue.. keep flicking.. darting your tongue into my shit hole.. flick flick flick.. good boy… no more playing.. I want to cum .. I'm so full and your going to get it.. mmmm OK are you ready… I'm going to blow my load into your face…ahhhh OK perfect that is amazing… cumming as my ass is eaten out by my fav fag….ahhhhhhh its uncontrollable. I feel like an ocean of cum about to spill out my balls. take it.. take it .. fucking fag.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Fags locker room load

Oh you fucking fag bitch.. you realy made me cum hard today.. I love it.. love how I splattered cum everywhere… mmmm good boy.. now you are ready for stepping up and taking on more fag duties from me… perhaps next time I will give you more of a treat. Until next time.. be a good boy… make sure you leave me amazing feedback.. and a tribute if I made your little blue balls swirl round and round.. mmmm

Now faggot.. be gone.

Locker rooms can be so much fun, to hear the live audio version click image below,