Masters Proclamation Of Brutality To Slaves

So you think that you have an opinion that matters? let me tell you right now.. unequivocally .. you are nothing… you have nothing and what you think means nothing. You are what I make you. You will do whatever I want, whenever I want.. without question or opposition.

Masters proclamation basics

Wait.. lets get to the basics of this… You are a faggot and a slave, a worthless stupid dumb animal… a cretin put here on this great green earth to serve me. Further then that.. you are a beast of burden.. endowed with 2 brain to go forward and one to go backwards.. no more then that. This is the reason that I manage you, and control every aspect of your life.. because without me.. you are nothing.

Don't you dare ever forget that I am your master. I don't care which other masters you suck up to in the meantime, or while your stupid delirious mind loses focus and starts to praise another master.. because in the end you will return.

As a slave, your my property, head to shitty toe. What you do is mine to choose.. and I will do with your time anything I want, because its my time.

Master is a brat

Im a brat and a master, I know that. I cant help but be the way I am, nature chose me to rule over slaves like you. I cant even pretend to care about your feelings or needs, because I don't care, at all. Your a tool for my pleasure, a slave. During this covid pandemic the world has suffered, the only thing that worried me was the number of you slaves that I would lose to covid. I didn't care about your health or well being, that you might be missed by loved ones… not a dot… all I cared about was losing workers, walking ATM's, fuck holes… mouths to fuck.. holes to smash.. cash to take… because that's all you are to me.

I'm not even ashamed about what I think of you.. or how I feel.. because your nothing to me….because you are nothing.

As long as you serve me, and groan with agony from your time in my service… that is good enough for me. Imagine the masters big white house.. and you are running around in the fields labouring for me. collecting cotton, bark.. wood-chip… and I choose to storm around the plantation beating whipping and fucking you as I wish. I take from you everything that I want.. and when your done.. I leave your body broken somewhere on the plantation.. for the other slaves to bury…hahhahahaa

Masters proclamation brutality

You think these words are harsh.. or brutal… well they are the truth.. so let them sink in to your dumb skull.

Next time you choose to judge my goody bags… you choose your words carefully and lovingly, because your damnation is in my hands…. I will bring you to ruin if you don't praise me with your words and service.

Now when you finished listening to this message.. you go and dig out all your pennies and cents..then beg borrow or steal and combine them into dollars for a large tribute. Get to it NOW!!! Masters proclamation is final.

and this message is especially important for one specific slave called Totality… you know who you are … and you know what you have done… so get to the rectification process… and then we can move to branding you like the cattle you are.

Slave fantasy's can be extreme and thrilling, to listen to the audio, click on the image below.