Fags Electric Play Intro

The below is the transcript of an audio piece which you can purchase on NiteFlirt. Purchase the electric play audio to really hear the sparks flying.

Good boy fag… so today I have called you here because I am going to have my first electric play session with you..and your going to be my subject… I don't know if your going to enjoy it.. but lets see.. hahaa.. now lie down over here.. good boy.

Electric warm up

Ok now just relax as I set up this generator next to you.....its only small and will only produce a gentle current, but of course I can turn that up if your a good boy… just slowly creating that pain deep in your body.. you want that don't you faggot.....good boy.....I know you do.

I have been so excited thinking about this electric play.....I have been hard all day... because I just know your open to experiment and the thought that this might cause you pain turns me on beyond believe… mmm its absolutely delicious.. watch as I touch these wires together.....hear it tingle... hahaha …

Look at where the wires connect onto the generator… and see that valve actuator.. I turn that nob and you get a nice jolt.. and if I turn it up too high… well oops.. you get fried like bacon.. hahahah..... don't worry I will take real good care of you .. especially when I dispose of you.. hahaa.. ok ok that's cruel.. but hey you already knew I was that way inclined before you got here….

Right lay back onto that couch fully… and strip off all your clothes… mmmm good faggot … do exactly as Master says… well done.. now let me set the voltage on this to a low level… just to get us warmed up… mmmmm remember this is just an intro little faggot.. just to see how we get on.. if this is successful we are going to do a really long electric session and get you nice and hot… good boy…

Here come the sparks

Ready.. steady… here comes the wires…

hahhahahah look between the wires..look at those sparks flying.. mmm .. its so hot and horny just watching your skin tingle as I approach it… you know the sparks are going to make you jump… your so hard just thinking about the touch.. here we go.. mmm

Ohh I just love the way you jump at the sparks.. imagine where else I can put these wires... perhaps I should touch the tip of your cock.. or even push a wire into your peehole... mmmm

Electric play is so much fun... to hear the live session.. click image below