Masters Pet

” Your my dog, so heel bitch…”

– Master Mikey

Masters Pet Is A Privilege

Being masters pet is a privilege, and as you can see my Leather Dogg has earned that privilege. I collar and cuff him ready to walk him like a good boy.

I often take him to the park to walk and humiliate him amongst the other dogs.

Leather Dogg Loves Ball Games

Leather Dogg loves to play catch the ball and fetch the ball. Occasionally, I have to punish Leather Dogg with a cane and tie him up.

Dog Treats & Doggy Dates

If Leather Dogg is a good boy he gets treats and sometimes even a playmate.

Punishment For Little Doggy

If Leather Dogg is a bad boy, then I bring my other big black Rottweiler into his playpen to punish him. My Rottweiler bites, chews and sometimes even mates with him.

Are You Worthy As Masters Pet

Contact me to discuss being listed as a PET here and serving ME. You will need to prove that you are worth my time and attention. I keep the best pets in perfect condition and position, but bad pets get thrown out, or worse they get put down. Masters pet is a highly sought after position and not one that is easily obtained. Tribute me, message me and beg like a good doggy and Master will decide if he can tolerate you.

I specialise in many fetish areas, for more details check the homepage.

Call Button

If the button above says Call Now then I am logged in and taking calls. So Call Me.

If the button says Away, then I am temporarily logged out, and you can send me a email to catch my attention. Make your email worth my while.

I specialise in many fetish areas, for more details check the homepage.