” You will serve me with your mind and body for all time, the ultimate gift to a master…”

– Master Mikey

Who Is The BDSM Master

I am a Master that cares for my subservient slaves , my pups, my flock. I hail from the great city of London and like a vampire, I travel in the night. Sometimes here, sometimes there. Some believe I am an apparition, but I can assure you, I am very REAL.

Who am I ?

I am many things to many people, but above all I am a Master, by name and by nature.

Masters Animal Spirit

I can be many things to many people,

  • For some I keep a Den of Fags, Sissy’s and Subs
  • To all, I am intelligent and degree educated in London England
  • To the special few, I have balls like a Prize Fighting BULL, big swollen and full all the time.

My appearance is a mystery to all that gaze upon me and I can take the form of your greatest desires or most elaborate fears. I find the gaps inside your mind and then take up a seat for the show. I am well versed in the creative arts of drama and music. Alongside these I am widely interested in politics and history and other intellectual pursuits. You will not find my knowledge lacking in any area. I keep several things near and dear to me, and if you are lucky I will reveal them to you. Consider yourself lucky if you get that close to me.

My Most Cruel Wheel Of Ruin

To help me delve deep into the dark arts, I have a Wheel Of Findom which is not for the feint of heart. Spin this wheel only if you are ready for and aware of the consequences. When you spin this wheel it will land on a number, and that is the number you need to pay. The number of the beast could be a very high price to pay. It could be a price that puts you into serious financial consequences. If you begin this game, you may find yourself lost forever in my mental maze.

Subjugation / Bondage Contracts Written On Aged Parchment

If you are ready to serve me , then bow your head and pay tribute to your lord. I will write your tasks on parchment paper and email you the terms of your contract. From that point onward’s, you are owned by me. For a set tribute I will set your tasks on a daily or weekly basis, and you will report back to me with pictures or written evidence of task completion.

Adult Playpen

This is where I allow you to be free for a restricted amount of time. You will be allowed to request things done to you, and I shall choose things you must endure. Its a place to be a true sub and enjoy your life of subservience. There is some element of you being able to choose your pleasures here, but this is not a game to be taken lightly.

The Masters Den

I work you hard, because RULES are important.

I’M VERY STRICT , I INSULT you because you deserve it, YOU are a BAD BOY.

Being in my SERVICE and COMPANY is not easy, and its NOT CHEAP.

Being in my company

My company is not easy, and will wear down your mind. You will be broken by one of my many techniques to break your mind and will. Some of my thousands of techniques can include,

  • Forcing you to wipe my ASS COCK and BALLS , perhaps SHAVE them if your good
  • Setting your tasks for the day
  • Scheduling your masturbation
  • Teaching you CUM control
  • Treating you like a bitch boy, for all my needs

I will visit you while your wife, girlfriend , parents sleep and fuck you. I will then fuck your wife , girlfriend or boyfriend while your watching and holding my balls as they swing and pound into your flesh.

  • You will PAY me exactly the SUMS of money I REQUEST, small or LARGE
  • I will ask you to DO things in your JOB
  • I will ask you to perform TASKS to keep me happy
  • Your MONEY will be MY MONEY
  • FAG Training
  • You will be an INSULT DARTBOARD with each DART humiliating you MORE

For the most adventurous I have my Master and Slave Contracts. However these are not for the weak, and only some of you are capable of being in my service to this level. To find out more about this contractual relationship check out Master and Slave Contracts.

Come to my DEN and be yourself. Click this button below and JOIN me on a LIVE CALL 24/7

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If the button says Away, then I am temporarily logged out, and you can send me a email to catch my attention. Make your email worth my while.

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